Dent Repair Service — A Profitable Business


Paintless repair mobile dents is an approach of eliminating little dents and dings from the painted sheet steel panels of an automobile using a specialized set of tools as well as methods to thoroughly “massage” out the damages without affecting the paint. PDR methods are usually restricted to repairs where there has actually been no damages to the paint. However, some PDR professionals additionally supply specialist paint touch-up (yet an additional profit facility) for those dings that involve tiny paint chips. PDR eliminates the requirement for expensive and also time consuming traditional auto body help little damages that virtually every auto has experienced. We’ve all seen them, those little dings resulting from the effect of a wayward purchasing cart or carelessly opened door in a parking lot.

Unlike your current operation, item cost is basically non-existent. Yes, there is a first investment in tools and training, but once effective, there are no materials that need changing.

High earnings capacity: A skilled professional can perform a $100 repair service in 10-20 mins– you do the mathematics.

Potential consumers are anywhere! Just as in other auto reconditioning services, you have a huge prospective consumer base that includes new as well as secondhand vehicle dealers, automobile auctions, rental car firms, insurance policy firms, vehicle washes, information stores, body shops, and also, of course, retail.

Low startup costs: PDR training as well as equipment will set you back $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the quality of the equipment and also just how much training is actually consisted of. Comparing this cost to start-up expenses in various other companies, also the luxury of the variety is definitely a minimal total up to spend, especially when you consider the revenue possibility of a well-run PDR operation.

A simple sell: You are supplying the client an option that sets you back regarding one quarter that of typical vehicle physical body job. Plus PDR extracts from a couple of minutes for a small repair work to concerning a hr for numerous repair works. Compare this time around requirement to the numerous days that a standard physical body shop calls for to impact also the littlest repair. Today’s consumer is concerned generally with 2 things: convenience as well as saving cash. The higher of both is convenience, and also with PDR, you can supply both.

As a reminder from, do not be misguided by the guarantee of an extensive or extremely specialized device collection. A typical false impression regarding PDR tools is that, the even more devices you have, the much more damages you can fix. As a matter of fact, a skilled PDR service technician uses less than ten devices for 80 % of all repair services, although that lots of PDR training outfits will certainly supply costly sets with lots of tools. The majority of firms acquire their devices from among 3 makers. The bottom line is, the devices are basically the same, so focus on the top quality of the training you will obtain.

The very best training remains in a setup that gives a reduced trainer-trainee ratio with comprehensive closely watched technique and the possibility to work thoroughly on genuine autos. Length of training need to be 2 or more weeks for the correct quantity of closely watched practice. Be cautious the training business that says, “OK! You prepare to go make some money!” As stated, earlier, comprehensive specific technique is needed also after the training encounter.

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